No. 2 (2012): Making the Social World: Social Ontology, Collective Intentionality, and Normativity

Making the Social World, or on Making Our Everyday Life World

Published 2016-11-27


  • social world,
  • everyday life world,
  • social ontology,
  • existential dependence on intentionality,
  • heterotropic intentionality

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De Vecchi, F. (2016). Making the Social World, or on Making Our Everyday Life World. Phenomenology and Mind, (2), 14–21.


I will argue for three principal claims that found the structure of the present issue of “Phenomenology and Mind” and represent three Leitmotive of the papers in it collected. A first claim on social world and everyday life world: (i) by making the social world, we make our everyday life world; A second and third claims on two essential features characterising social entities: (ii) social entities existentially depend on the intentionality of individuals, and precisely on heterotropic intentionality of individuals (collective intentionality, social intentionality and inter-subjective intentionality, or social cognition); (iii) social entities are essentially normative entities, i.e. social entities are bearers of a deontology.


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