No. 12 (2017): New Trends in Philosophy
Invited Contributions

The Myth of Presentism’s Intuitive Appeal

Giuliano Torrengo
Centre for Philosophy of Time, Department of Philosophy, University of Milan

Published 2017-08-09


  • presentism,
  • eternalism,
  • common sense

How to Cite

Torrengo, G. (2017). The Myth of Presentism’s Intuitive Appeal. Phenomenology and Mind, (12), 50–56.


Presentism, the view that only what’s present exists, seems to be intuitively very appealing. The intuitive appeal of presentism constitutes a main reason for treating the view as a serious option and worthy of consideration. In this paper, I argue that the appearance of presentism’s intuitiveness is based upon a series of misconceptions.


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