No. 12 (2017): New Trends in Philosophy
Submitted Contributions

How to Dispel the Asymmetry Concerning Retraction

Diogo Santos
LanCog, University of Lisbon

Published 2017-08-09


  • retraction,
  • assessment-sensitivity

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Santos, D. (2017). How to Dispel the Asymmetry Concerning Retraction. Phenomenology and Mind, (12), 74–82.


MacFarlane (2014) advocates a radical form of semantic relativism. He argues that his proposal complies with the norms governing our assertion practices in various areas of discourse. These practices also include norms regarding the conditions in which it is inappropriate not to retract an assertion. Ferrari & Zeman (2014) identify an asymmetry concerning retractions in two relevant areas of discourse and argue that assessment-sensitivity needs to be supplemented with further theoretical tools to explain it. I dispel the asymmetry and conclude that assessment-sensitivity needs no supplementation to account for it.


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