No. 12 (2017): New Trends in Philosophy
Submitted Contributions

Naturalizing Qualia

Alessandra Buccella
University of Pittsburgh

Published 2017-08-09


  • qualia,
  • naturalism,
  • adverbialism,
  • perceptual experience,
  • appearance

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Buccella, A. (2017). Naturalizing Qualia. Phenomenology and Mind, (12), 152–161.


Hill (2014) argues that perceptual qualia, i.e. the ways in which things look from a viewpoint, are physical properties of objects. They are relational in nature, that is, they are functions of objects’ intrinsic properties, viewpoints, and observers. Hill also claims that his kind of representationalism is the only view capable of “naturalizing qualia”. After discussing a worry with Hill’s account, I put forward an alternative, which is just as “naturalization-friendly”. I build upon Chirimuuta’s color adverbialism (2015), and I argue that we would better serve the “naturalizing project” if we abandoned representationalism and preferred a broadly adverbialist view of perceptual qualia.


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