No. 13 (2017): Norm: What Is It? Ontological and Pragmatical Perspectives
Section 5. Norms, Language, and Social Practices

The Imperative of Reputation Between Social and Moral Norms

Gian Paolo Terravecchia
Università degli Studi di Padova
Published December 30, 2017
  • reputation,
  • social norms,
  • moral norms
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Terravecchia, G. P. (2017). The Imperative of Reputation Between Social and Moral Norms. Phenomenology and Mind, (13), 184-188.


For the philosophy of normativity, the study of reputation helps a better understanding of the conflict that may arise between social and moral norms. It is a conflict which has been discussed in recent years and which has never been treated specifically from this perspective before. The paper discusses the dilemma, firstly showing its roots and meanings and secondly giving the reasons to choose one of the alternatives. This helps to show the normative conflict between social and moral norms and to explore its complexity, presenting some solutions. In so doing, the ontology of reputation is developed and discussed, also by presenting and discussing the two forms of the imperative of reputation.


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