No. 17 (2019): Rules without Words: Inquiries into Non-Linguistic Normativities
Section 1. Conceptual Investigations

Implicit Norms

Pietro Salis
Università di Cagliari

Published 2019-12-15


  • Brandom,
  • Heath,
  • Hattiangadi,
  • Dispositionalism,
  • Expressivism,
  • Implicit norms,
  • Norms,
  • Normativity
  • ...More

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Salis, P. (2019). Implicit Norms. Phenomenology and Mind, (17), 56–68.


Robert Brandom has developed an account of conceptual content as instituted by social practices. Such practices are understood as being implicitly normative. Brandom proposed the idea of implicit norms in order to meet some requirements imposed by Wittgenstein’s remarks on rule-following: escaping the regress of rules on the one hand, and avoiding mere regular behavior on the other. Anandi Hattiangadi has criticized this account as failing to meet such requirements. In what follows, I try to show how the correct understanding of sanctions and the expressivist reading of the issue can meet these challenges.


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