Special Issue Proposal

The Italian Journal of Electoral Studies (QOE-IJES) invites scholars to submit Special Issue Proposals. The purpose of the special issue is to provide collection of articles on a specific topic of electoral studies (elections and voting, public opinion, political behavior, party studies in Italy and beyond), from the perspective of political science. We plan to consider proposals for special issue on electoral studies of highest quality throughout the year. The QOE-IJES is a peer-reviewed, Open Access journal that publishes twice a year, published by Florence University Press. The Journal aims at publishing high-quality original papers from both Italian and international scholars, with the aim to further becoming a major outlet of electoral studies. For any inquiry, please contact the Journal at QOE-IJES@studielettorali.it.

Information for proposals

The format of a Special Issue proposal should contain the following information (see Special Issues Template):

  1. An abstract explaining the topic and its relevance to the journal
  2. A brief presentation of the Guest Editors.
  3. A proposed call-for-papers.
  4. List of potential reviewers.
  5. A time schedule including submission deadline and completion of the editorial process.

You can download the Special Issues Template here.