Vol. 44 No. 1 (2018): XLIV - 2018

“Gente di Orico”(?): nota a Giuliano Imperatore, Elogio dell’Imperatrice Eusebia 3.107A-B

Published July 3, 2018


The author suggests that the reading τὸ Ὠρικὸν ἔθνος in Julian’s Panegyric in Honour of the Empress Eusebia 3, 103B is not genuine. In fact, even though it is accepted by all the editors, Julian’s usus scribendi and several grammatical problems make the syntagm Ὠρικὸν ἔθνος impossible to maintain. Accordingly, the author proposes to put ἔθνος between cruces, or to expunge it.


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