Vol 45 No 1 (2019): XLV - 2019

Note critico-testuali ai Sicioni

Published July 17, 2019


Five suggestions for the text of Menander’s Sikyonioi: read φιλανθρωπῶνat line 85; ὡςἂνat line 171 has a paratragic flavour, which supports Arnott’s expunction of ὦat the beginning of line 169; retain the paradosis at line 265 and postulate an aposiopesis (ἀλλά σοι τις – οὐ γάρ;); the uncommon asyndeton ἀνίστ[ατο, | ἐβάδιζεsuggests the alternative reconstruction ἀνίστ[ασο”. | ἐβάδιζε at lines 269-270; read ἀλλ’ἄπε[ιμι νῦνat line 271.


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