Vol 45 No 1 (2019): XLV - 2019

Alcune osservazioni sui personaggi del Misoumenos di Menandro

Published July 17, 2019


This paper deals with the characterization and dramatic function of some personaein Menander’s Misoumenos. More specifically, the presentation of Thrasonides as a milesamato­riuscan be supported by a comparison with the behaviour of Charisios in Epitr. 879-900. Theportrait of Thrasonides as the reverse of the traditional comic type presentssome echoes of the final lament of the Sophoclean Herakles (Tr. 1058-1075). Simultaneously, the pallakeKrateia clearly subverts the submission to the soldier who bought her, as a comparison with Ajax’s Tecmessa may highlight. Finally, Chrysis should not be identified with Krateia’s nurse, especially on account of her name; the role of the nurse might be attributed to Simiche.


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