Vol. 47 (2021): XLVII - 2021

Crantore, Panezio e la metriopàtheia

Published June 21, 2021
  • Crantor,
  • Panaetius,
  • Cicero,
  • Pseudo-Plutarch,
  • Hellenistic Philosophy


One of the most famous fragments of Crantor’s Περὶ πένθους deals with the so-called μετριοπάθεια. This fragment is transmitted by Cic. Tusc. 3.6.12 and by [Plut.] Cons. Apoll. 102c-d. Apparently, it has escaped notice, so far, that these two sources preserve exactly the same quotation, which can be easily explained if we admit they used a common intermediate source. It is argued that this source can be identified with a lost work by Panaetius.