Vol. 47 (2021): XLVII - 2021

L’asino: animale messianico e dionisiaco in Nonno, Par. Jo. M 61-69

Published June 21, 2021
  • Nonnus of Panopolis,
  • Paraphrasis of the Gospel of St. John,
  • triumphal entry into Jerusalem,
  • donkey,
  • Dionysiac-Christian syncretism


This paper offers a philological and exegetical analysis of Nonnus par. Jo. 12.61-69. In the light of Just. 1 apol. 54.6-7 and dial. 53.1-4, 69.2, of [Opp.] C. 4.244-256, and of Nonn. D. 14.247-259, it is argued that Nonnus describes the donkey which Jesus rides during his trium­phal entry into Jerusalem (Jo. 12.13-15) both as a messianic and a Dionysiac animal.