Vol. 47 (2021): XLVII - 2021

Note alla Parafrasi di Nonno

Published June 21, 2021
  • Nonnus of Panopolis,
  • Paraphrasis,
  • notes on the text,
  • textual criticism


The paper deals with some textual notes to the Paraphrasis of the Gospel of John by Nonnus of Panopolis (Par. 8.103, 8.180, 17.78-79, 17.92-93, 19.68, 20.91-92). At the end, an Appen­dix records a list of “Verwechslungen” between θυμός and μῦθος, and between δεσμός and θεσμός, in the whole text of the Paraphrasis.