Vol. 47 (2021): XLVII - 2021

Un’epitome del Lessico Segueriano Sulla sintassi nel ms. Laur. Plut. 57.24

Published June 21, 2021
  • Lexicon Seguerianum,
  • Laur.Plut.57.24,
  • Coisl.345,
  • Lexicography,
  • Syntax


This paper identifies the lexicon preserved at ff. 27r-32r of ms. Laur. Plut. 57.24 (first half of the 14th cent.) as an epitome of the Lexicum Seguerianum περὶ συντάξεως, recently edited by D. Petrova in 2006. Additionally, it argues that, for this very section of the codex, ms. Laur. Plut. 57.24 is the apographon of ms. Coisl. gr. 345 (10th cent.), the only surviving witness of the lexicon περὶ συντάξεως in its versio plenior.