Vol. 48 (2022): XLVIII - 2022

Petronio, ¿un sutil Homeromastix? Nota al topos ergo me non ruina terra potuit haurire? (Sat. 81.3)

Published 2022-06-10


  • Petronius,
  • Iliad,
  • Encolpius,
  • Agamemnon,
  • metapoetic commentary


The purpose of this note is to analyze the relationship between the ‘topos’ ergo me non ruina terra potuit haurire? in Sat. 81, and the Iliad, since I believe that Petronius, the “autore nascosto”, brings about an assimilation of Encolpius with Agamemnon, which functions as degradation of the epic, but, at the same time, as a sort of metapoetic commentary on a particular passage of the Iliad.


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