Vol. 48 (2022): XLVIII - 2022

Archi e imprese notturne: una nota esegetica (e testuale) a Valerio Flacco 3.133-137

Published 2022-06-10


  • Valerius Flaccus and Statius’ Thebaid,
  • Dolonia and the Homeric scholia,
  • Hercules,
  • archery at night,
  • window reference


In the night battle of Cyzicus, reminiscent of the Dolonia, Hercules kills his opponent Phlegyas, who is carrying a torch, shooting an arrow at him (Val. Fl. 3.133-137). This paper argues that in his Hercules and Phlegyas episode Valerius Flaccus is alluding to an Homeric scholion (ad Il. 10.260), in which the usefulness of bow and arrows at night is stressed. Statius will later allude not only to Homer and the Homeric scholia, as has been shown by S. Casali, but also to Valerius Flaccus, making Agylleus, Hercules’ unworthy son, assume that in night raids archery would be useless (Stat. Theb. 10.260-261). Moreover, an old conjecture by N. Heinsius at Val. Fl. 3.134 (flectere for pectore) is reconsidered.


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