Vol. 48 (2022): XLVIII - 2022

Timossena, la moglie di Plutarco

Published 2022-06-10


  • Plutarch’s wife,
  • their children,
  • her father and brothers,
  • her marriage,
  • her age


This article summarizes (and puts in order) the biographical information supplied by Plutarch about his wife in the Consolatio uxoris and his other works. It begins with the certain or very probable data, i.e. her name, her children, their names, their number and sequence; it also suggests some plausible considerations about her original family, i.e. about her father and brothers; and concludes with some (partly conjectural) clarifications about her marriage with Plutarch and about the difficulties that arose between their respective parents, finally raising a little suspicion about her age.


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