Vol. 48 (2022): XLVIII - 2022

Un falso problema di testo in Gregorio Nazianzeno (nota critica a carm. 2.1.12, v. 426)

Published 2022-06-10


  • Gregory of Nazianzus,
  • Early Greek Christian Poetry,
  • Textual Criticism,
  • Cordax


The paper proposes an exegesis and a solution to Greg. Naz. carm. 2.1.12 v. 426, where the difficult word κόρδαξ, transmitted by L and C, is set in cruces. The word usually indicates a theatrical (and obscene) dance, but – by Gregorius and his commentators – is used to indicate the male dancer who performs it, often at weddings (a fertility omen?).


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