Vol. 49 (2023): XLIX - 2023

L’epigramma di Meleagro per Eraclito

Published 2023-06-21


  • Meleager,
  • epigram,
  • Heraclitus,
  • wisdom and nastiness,
  • Ephesians


This paper presents a new philological interpretation of the epigram by Meleager for Hera­clitus (AP 7.79), with particular attention to the dialectal forms. From his grave, Heraclitus adfirms that he was the only one who found wisdom: in a heated argument between the dead and a passerby (possibly the poet himself), the philosopher declares that he always attacked with ‘kicks’ and ‘barks’ his fatherland Ephesus and his fellow citizens (including his parents) because they were all evil people and mad men. The passerby concludes that Heraclitus himself was a real Ephesian...


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