Vol. 49 (2023): XLIX - 2023

Il sorriso delle Furie: un’innovazione di Stazio? (con uno sguardo al Prome¬teo di Monti)

Published 2023-06-21


  • Statius’ Thebaid,
  • Erinys,
  • Megaera,
  • Hermesianax,
  • Vincenzo Monti


In Stat. Theb. 3.641, Megaera is described as she wanders around the battlefield laughing, but laughter and smile are rarely referred to infernal beings. This paper aims to analyze such an unusual representation in the light of some possible literary and iconographic antecedents. Furthermore, the influence of Statius’ Thebaid on Vincenzo Monti’s Prometeo is also discussed.


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