Vol. 49 (2023): XLIX - 2023

Un improbabile recupero testuale: vicisti tra Cicerone e Girolamo

Published 2023-06-21


  • Cicero,
  • Consolatio,
  • Jerome,
  • Altercatio Luciferiani et Orthodoxi,
  • Dialogus adver¬sus Pelagianos,
  • Vergil
  • ...More


This article analyzes B.-R. Voss’ proposal to attribute the verb vicisti to Cicero’s Consolatio (fr. 3 Vit. = 13 Mü.: cedo – inquit – en manum tollo), based on two quotations from Jerome (Alterc. 14.519: en tollo manus, cedo, vicisti and Adv. Pelag. 3.7: iam iam tollo manum, cedo, vicisti). In a different perspective, the hypothesis advanced here is that Jerome derives vicisti not from Cicero, but from Vergil (Aen. 12.936-937: vicisti et victum tendere palmas / Ausonii videre), contaminating the two quotations.


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