Vol. 49 (2023): XLIX - 2023

La Isla de Crono y los habitantes del Gran Continente: notas críticas a Plu., de facie 941α y 941b-c

Published 2023-06-21


  • Plutarch,
  • De facie in orbe lunae,
  • Sulla’s Myth,
  • Cronus’ island,
  • Briareus,
  • Great Continent
  • ...More


 The fact that the treatise De facie quae apparet in orbe lunae has only been transmitted in two Parisian manuscripts, one of which depends on the other, has been no advantage for the editors of the text. My reflections here focus only on two points of chapter 26: Cronus’ prison on an island near Ogygia, including the enigma about his watchman (941A), and the textual question referring to the inhabitants of the Great Continent and the other considered by them islanders (941B-C). In both cases I make proposals not contemplated by the editors so far.


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