Vol. 46 No. 1 (2020): XLVI - 2020

Vergilius Romanus. Per la storia di un’antica edizione di lusso tra il II secolo e l’età costantiniana

Published July 3, 2020
  • Virgil,
  • codex Romanus,
  • Age of Constantine,
  • consecratio,
  • nomina sacra,
  • textual criticism
  • ...More


Palaeographers and art-historians do not agree on firm criteria to date R, the luxury manu­script known as Vergilius Romanus: but they all eventually accept Norden’s thesis arguing that a verse added in R (Aen. 6.242) is interpolated from a sixth century didactic poem, thus making R the latest of the premedieval manuscripts of the corpus. Besides reconsidering Nor­den’s opinion, this essay tries to focus on some so far neglected aspects of this ancient edition (e.g. structure of the corpus, loss of critical semeia and political messages devised for dis­criminating readers): they seem indeed to give unexpected clues to the history of this most spectacular among ancient Virgilian illustrated corpora.


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