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In response to feedback from the research community, ACTA is now making articles available online after the acceptance. 

As a free service, making the just accepted manuscript available has a number of benefits for our authors, including;

This version of the manuscript will not be language-edited or typeset and will be provided as a flat PDF.

We will continue to work with authors on the production of their article, and the final version of record will replace the accepted manuscript version once this has been completed. 



Preliminary genetic characterisation of Southern Smooth Snake Coronella girondica (Serpentes, Colubridae) populations in Italy, with some considerations on their alpine distribution

Matteo R. Di Nicola, Raffaella Melfi, Francesco P. Faraone, Daniel L. N. Iversen, Gabriele Giacalone, Giovanni Paolino, Mario Lo Valvo

accepted on 2022, 4th May

doi: 10.36253/a_h-12556

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The Italian wall lizard, Podarcis siculus campestris, unexpected presence on Gorgona Island (Tuscan Archipelago)

Marco A.L. Zuffi, Alan J. Coladonato, Gianluca Lombardo, Antonio Torroni, Matilde Boschetti, Stefano Scali, Marco Mangiacotti, Roberto Sacchi

accepted on 2022, 8th May

doi: 10.36253/a_h-12388

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Sunny-side up: ontogenetic variation in egg mass temperatures of the wood frog Rana sylvatica

Ryan Calsbeek, Ava Calsbeek, Isabel Calsbeek

accepted on 2022, 26th May

doi: 10.36253/a_h-12660

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Occupancy and probability of detection of the introduced population of Eleutherodactylus coqui in Turrialba, Costa Rica

Jimmy Barrantes-Madrigal, Manuel Spínola Parallada, Gilbert Alvarado, Víctor J. Acosta- Chaves

accepted on 2022, 19th June

doi: 10.36253/a_h-13209

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Molecular analysis of recently introduced populations of the Italian wall lizard (Podarcis siculus)

Oleksandra Oskyrko, Lekshmi B. Sreelatha, Iolanda Silva-Rocha, Tibor Sos, Sabina E. Vlad, Dan Cogălniceanu, Florina Stănescu, Tavakkul M. Iskenderov, Igor V. Doronin, Duje Lisičić, Miguel A. Carretero

accepted on 2022, 24th June

doi: 10.36253/a_h-12542

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Ecological niche differentiation in the Anatolian rock lizards (Genus: Anatololacerta) (Reptilia: Lacertidae) of the Anatolian Peninsula and Aegean Islands

Mehmet Kürşat Şahin, Kamil Candan, Danae Karakasi, Petros Lymberakis, Nikos Poulakakis, Yusuf Kumlutaş, Elif Yıldırım, Çetin Ilgaz

accepted on 2022, 27th June

doi: 10.36253/a_h-13089

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One site, three species, three stories: syntopy of geckoes Euleptes europaea (Gené, 1839), Hemidactylus turcicus (Linnaeus, 1758), Tarentola mauritanica (Linnaeus, 1758) in a coastal area of southern Tuscany (central Italy)

Giacomo Radi, Marco A.L. Zuffi

accepted on 2022, 30th June

doi: 10.36253/a_h-11547

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Species diversity and distribution of amphibians and reptiles in Sardinia, Italy

Claudia Corti, Marta Biaggini, Valeria Nulchis, Roberto Cogoni, Ilaria Maria Cossu, Salvatore Frau, Manuela Mulargia, Enrico Lunghi, Lara Bassu

accepted on 2022, 17th October

doi: 10.36253/a_h-13627

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Comparative cytogenetics on Zamenis lineatus and Elaphe quatuorlineata (Serpentes: Colubridae)

Marcello Mezzasalma, Elvira Brunelli, Gaetano Odierna, Fabio M. Guarino

accepted on 2022, 5th November

doi: 10.36253/a_h-13467

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