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In response to feedback from the research community, ACTA is now making articles available online after the acceptance. 

As a free service, making the just accepted manuscript available has a number of benefits for our authors, including;

This version of the manuscript will not be language-edited or typeset and will be provided as a flat PDF.

We will continue to work with authors on the production of their article, and the final version of record will replace the accepted manuscript version once this has been completed. 


Sexual size dimorphism in the tail length of the Caspian Whip Snakes, Dolichophis caspius (Serpentes, Colubridae), in south-western Hungary

György Dudás, Krisztián Frank

accepted on 2021, 11th May

doi: 10.36253/a_h-10306

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So close so different: what makes the difference?

Dario Ottonello, Stefania D’Angelo, Fabrizio Oneto, Stefano Malavasi, Marco Alberto Luca Zuffi, Filippo Spadola

accepted on 2021, 22nd May

doi: 10.36253/a_h-10402

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Semi-automated photo-identification of Bahamian Racers (Cubophis vudii vudii)

Sebastian Hoefer, Andreu Rotger, Sophie Mills, Nathan J. Robinson

accepted on 2021, 18th September

doi: 110.36253/a_h-11502

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Is the Northern Spectacled Salamander Salamandrina perspicillata aposematic? A preliminary test with clay models

Giacomo Barbieri, Andrea Costa, Sebastiano Salvidio

accepted on 2021, 3rd October

doi: 110.36253/a_h-10229

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Bone histology of Broad-snouted Caiman Caiman latirostris (Crocodylia: Alligatoridae) as tool for morphophisiological inferences in Crocodylia

Paulo Braga Mascarenhas-Junior, Luis Antonio Bochetti Bassetti, Juliana Manso Sayão

accepted on 2021, 26th October

doi: 110.36253/a_h-10079

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Hematological values of wild Caiman latirostris (Daudin, 1802) in the Atlantic Rainforest in Pernambuco, Brazil

Luciana C. Rameh-De-Albuquerque, Alexandre P. Zanotti, Denisson S. Souza, George T. Diniz, Paulo B. Mascarenhas-Junior, Ednilza M. Santos, Jozelia M. S. Correia

accepted on 2021, 29th October

doi: 110.36253/a_h-11339

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