Vol. 12 No. 2 (2021): MEDIA EDUCATION – Studi, ricerche e buone pratiche
Best practices

Progetto Aumentiamo la realtà con il QR-code

Francesca Guadalupi
Istituto Comprensivo “Skanderbeg”, Piana degli Albanesi (Palermo)

Published 2021-11-29


  • cooperative learning,
  • cooperative inquiry,
  • learning to learn,
  • digital skills,
  • active citizenship


With reference to art. 9 of our Constitution “The Republic promotes development and scientific and technical research. Protects the landscape and the historical and artistic heritage of the nation “and art. 6 “The Republic protects linguistic minorities with special rules”, the project “Let’s increase reality with the qr-code” wanted to enhance the school as a community open to the territory in which it operates and develop skills in the field of active and democratic citizenship. Two paths have been taken: researching historical sources to learn about the country’s past and experimenting with the use of a Quick Response Code to combine the past with the present and leave a trace in the future.