Vol. 12 No. 2 (2021): MEDIA EDUCATION – Studi, ricerche e buone pratiche
Best practices

Raccontare con le immagini. Lo Stop-motion come strumento per l’apprendimento collaborativo

Ilaria Monticone
Istituto Sant’Anna, scuola primaria, Torino
Published November 29, 2021
  • communication,
  • media,
  • multimedia languages,
  • stop-motion


The purpose of this paper is to describe the activities carried out in a class with children of the third year of primary school (Istituto Sant’Anna, Torino) school year 2019/2020 and to test the potentialities of audiovisual and technological language in the development of knowledge and skills, like the management of a collaborative activity, the correct use of technological tools and the awarness of the project’s path.
Thissperimental activity starts from the hypothesis that creating a stop-motion video, focused on a disciplinary subject, can give good results both from a learning point of view and the acquisition of social and relational skills thank to the type work, mainly carried out in groups.