Vol. 13 No. 2 (2022): MEDIA EDUCATION - Studi, ricerche e buone pratiche

A learning design framework based on UDL principles to develop maker projects for pre-service teacher and educator training

Manuela Repetto
University of Turin
Barbara Bruschi
University of Turin
Melania Talarico
University of Turin

Published 2022-11-07


  • learning design,
  • universal design for learning,
  • maker education


During pre-service teacher and educator training it is essential that future teachers and educators learn how to design a learning module or a curriculum and that they master an approach of learning design, considering also inclusion and equity issues to increase participation and learning of all the students, embracing their diversities and addressing their different needs. The aim of this study is to describe an encompassing approach of learning design infused of Universal Design for Learning (UDL) that was developed and adopted within a Faculty’s Laboratory on educational technology targeted at future primary school teachers and within a Course on Maker Education for the future educators of the Degree Course in Education. This Framework is the result of the experimentation of various previous versions of it during the last two academic years and appears to promote the creation of accessible, engaging and inclusive maker education projects that meet the needs of each learner.