Studi Slavistici XVIII (2021) 2
Blocco tematico

New Perspectives and Ancient Shadows. Rethinking Lesja Ukrajinka

Tamara Hundorova
National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
Published February 2, 2022
  • Lesja Ukrajinka,
  • Orientalism,
  • Khamsin,
  • Forest Song
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Hundorova, T. (2022). New Perspectives and Ancient Shadows. Rethinking Lesja Ukrajinka. Studi Slavistici, 18(2), 241-249.


The author analyses and discusses the five articles published in the thematic block. She remarks on the novelty of Pavlyshyn’s and Kočerha’s methodological approaches and interpretations of the kind of Orientalism or Post-Orientalism represented by the poem Khamsin and some poetic plays of Lesja Ukrajinka. Hundorova also highlights the interest of Achilli’s multifaceted analysis of Lesja Ukrajinka’s modernism, and gives a challenging evaluation of the interpretation of non-finito by O. Visyč. Among the most relevant contributions – Hundorova maintains – is Andrianova’s proposal of an ecofeminist interpretative clue to Forest Song.


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