Studi Slavistici I • 2004

L’Ucraina e gli Ucraini dal passato al futuro

Published 2004-12-01

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Giraudo, G. (2004). L’Ucraina e gli Ucraini dal passato al futuro. Studi Slavistici, 1(1), 25–33.


Ukraine and Ukrainians from the Past to the Future

The author analyzes formes and structures of Russian and Ukrainian Nationalisms and emphasizes the presence of similar patterns in the arguments from both sides, especially the confusion between the concepts of Nation and State, and of russification and sovietization. He proposes to identificate the Kievan Rus’ with the undivided eastern Slavia, whose inheritance equally belongs to Russians and Ucrainians. The partition of ways is the product of a series of events: the Tatar yoke, the Jagellonian Union, the autocephaly of Moscow, etc.


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