Studi Slavistici I • 2004

Sulla critica del postmodernismo: spunti di riflessione

Published 2004-12-01

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Possamai, D. (2004). Sulla critica del postmodernismo: spunti di riflessione. Studi Slavistici, 1(1), 115–125.


Postmodernism Criticism: Some Reflections

The aim of this contribution is twofold: in the first part the author tries to point out the distinctions between Postmodernity, Postmodernization and Postmodernism in Russia and to highlight the question of the applicability of the latter. In the second part of the article Donatella Possamai takes into consideration the influences of Internet on the development of a new Russian criticism, the possibility of fashioning a so-called .postmodernist criticism., so drawing an overview of the general situation of criticism in contemporary Russia.


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