Studi Slavistici I • 2004

Linguistica slava tra slavistica e linguistica generale

Published 2004-12-01

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Gebert, L. (2004). Linguistica slava tra slavistica e linguistica generale. Studi Slavistici, 1(1), 195–211.


Slavic Linguistics between Slavic Studies and general Linguistics

This paper examines the role of Slavic linguistics today as well as the relationships between Slavic linguistics and general linguistics. It takes into consideration some recent changes in the field of Slavic linguistics since the end of the Slavic world’s isolation in 1989. The paper deals with three issues of interest regarding general theory: evidence offered by the structure of Slavic languages for the anthropocentric theory of language, the grammaticalization of the verbal aspect, and the functioning of the Balkan linguistic league, which includes two South Slavic Languages as Bulgarian and Macedonian, as a typology laboratory. The paper concludes with some reflections on the relationships between linguistic pragmatics and Slavic linguistics as well as between cognitive linguistics and Slavic linguistics.


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