Studi Slavistici II • 2005

Stavba hesla v dvojjazyčnom slovníku a jeho parametre

Published 2005-12-01

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Klapicová, E. H. (2005). Stavba hesla v dvojjazyčnom slovníku a jeho parametre. Studi Slavistici, 2(1), 219–235.


Composition of an Entry in a Bilingual Dictionary and its Parameters

This paper focuses on the essential concepts of the composition of an entry in a bilingual dictionary, on the general standpoints of some Slovak, Spanish, French and English lexicographers as well as on the practical usage of certain rules to be observed when elaborating an entry in a bilingual dictionary. The introductory part consists of a research of ideas of some authors regarding the science of bilingual lexicography and the analysis of their theories. The following paragraphs discuss questions of terminological dictionaries and dictionaries containing both the definitions as well as the translations of terms. Moreover, the paper ponders upon the ideas of Ella Sekaninová on the composition of an entry and the set of parameters according to which a lexical unit must appear in a bilingual dictionary. Accordingly, each of the seven parameters mentioned by Sekaninová is applied on some Slovak, English and Spanish voices.


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