Studi Slavistici IV • 2007

Risultato e conseguenza nella semantica delle predicazioni

Published 2007-12-01

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Kreisberg, A. (2007). Risultato e conseguenza nella semantica delle predicazioni. Studi Slavistici, 4(1), 215–235.


Result and consequence in the semantics of predications

The term “obščefaktičeskoe značenie” ‘general factual meaning’(OF) is usually referred to the Slavic usage of imperfective verbal forms which denotes actions or processes concluded in the moment of reference and neutral as regards the reiteration. The most recent studies connect the phenomenon with the focusing, in the semantics of predication, of the element different from its result. Nevertheless the result, as a component of the meaning of a preadication appaers only in the Vendler’s class of accomplishment verbs and must be distinguished from the consequence, i.e. implicata of an utterance in the standard situations, which can appear with any semantic class of verbs. The paper tries to analyse the “unexpected” usage of imperfective forms in different semantic classes of Polish verbs considerting both elements.


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