Studi Slavistici VIII • 2011

Peopling and Colonization in the Tsarist Age (19th-20th Century)

Published January 24, 2012
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Franco, A. (2012). Peopling and Colonization in the Tsarist Age (19th-20th Century). Studi Slavistici, 8(1), 61-78.


The article investigates the phenomenon of Siberian colonization, particularly during the last part of the 19th Century. While Siberia had previously long been considered as an empty space, simply a source of precious furs, by the end of the 19th Century, it was seen as a strategic resource for solving some of the problems of Russian agriculture. In order to exploit Siberian resources, Minister Vitte decided to conclude the pioneering phase of migration: the construction of the Transiberian railway was a key factor in this project. The impact of appropriating this immense territory was huge, it involved and, finally, deeply influenced the orientation of Russian thought, which gradually became more inclined to a Euro-Asian vision. Finally, the paper deals with the appearance of a Siberian specificity which also stengthened the regionalistic point of view.


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