No. 1 (2011): Phenomenology and Analytic Philosophy: Perspectives on Mind and Consciousness
Session 1. Phenomenology, Neuroscience and Analytic Philosophy

Phenomenology today: a good travel mate for analytic philosophy?

Published 2016-11-27


  • epistemic trust,
  • scepticism,
  • phenomena,
  • anti-reductive ontology

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De Monticelli, R. (2016). Phenomenology today: a good travel mate for analytic philosophy?. Phenomenology and Mind, (1), 18–27.


On the basis of a short summary of phenomenological aims and methods, this essay describes the present state of relationships between phenomenology and analytic philosophy, pointing out the progress done in the last years on the way of their rapprochement, after a long time of reciprocal scorn and misunderstandings. In the way of a presentation of the Phenomenology Lab and Center’s present and future research program, it recalls some relevant chapters of past and present phenomenological research in Europe, and quite particularly in Italy. After discussing some aspects of contemporary debates in phenomenology and philosophy of mind, it attempts at establishing a convergent line of argument toward the assessment of an anti-reductive ontology of concreteness, or the life world.


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