No. 11 (2016): Emotions, Normativity, and Social Life

The Emotions: From the (Inter)Personal to the Normative Dimension

Published January 4, 2017
  • Spring School of Philosophy 2016,
  • theories of emotions,
  • emotions morality and political theory,
  • hate speech
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Forlè, F., & Songhorian, S. (2017). The Emotions: From the (Inter)Personal to the Normative Dimension. Phenomenology and Mind, (11), 10-17.


Recent debate in the intersection between philosophy and cognitive sciences have underlined the relevance of emotions in our lives. Emotions seem to play several different roles: from our inner and personal experience of the world, especially in all its alleged value aspects, to our relations to others. Yet, philosophical and scientific debate has not reached a consensus on what emotions are and on their specific contribution to our personal and social lives. In this introductory chapter we present the different debates on emotions this issue focuses on and we briefly summarize the papers collected here.


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