Vol. 25 No. 1 (2017): Architettura e urbanistica Maya – Special Issue

Arquitectura y urbanismo Maya a través de los grafitos

Núria Feliu Beltrán
Universidad de Valencia, España

Published 2017-11-22


  • Mayan Graffiti,
  • Architecture

How to Cite

Feliu Beltrán, N. (2017). Arquitectura y urbanismo Maya a través de los grafitos. Restauro Archeologico, 25(1), 66–83. https://doi.org/10.13128/RA-20527


On the inner walls of Maya structures have been located many incised or painted representations, commonly known as graffiti. Graffiti are schematic drawings on various subjects, which are distributed randomly on the walls and stucco benches. In the case of graffiti that constitute architectural renderings/representations, its function as a visual source is especially outstanding. Insomuch as in other official expressions of Maya art architecture is rarely depicted. These graffiti are not only important witnesses of how architecture was while in use -at least the personal vision of their authors. They also give us valuable information about how the space, both urban and private, were used. To prove it, we will make a review of the architectural representations identified in the different expressions of official Maya art, completing it with the graffiti.


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