Vol. 5 (2009): Schiave

Le nuove schiave del XXI secolo

Mariagrazia Rossilli
Università Roma Tre
Published December 5, 2009
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Rossilli, M. (2009). Le nuove schiave del XXI secolo. Storia Delle Donne, 5(1), 53-71. https://doi.org/10.13128/SDD-8439


Trafficking in persons is a slavery-like practice of our time which is linked with many different forms of exploitation. The most common form of trafficking is for the purpose of sexual exploitation of women, in particular of illegal migrants in European countries. The essay illustrates the characteristics of this specific slavery-like practice in Italy and the transformation of sexual trafficking during the last few decades. It illustrates the consequences for the victims and the weaknesses of the legal measures to protect their rights that have been implemented in the EU and in Italy. It suggests that changes are needed in this respect, but also in respect to EU immigration policies and legislation against violence against women.

Keywords: tratta di esseri umani, prostituzione, normativa internazionale, Italia; trafficking in human beings, prostitution, international legislation, Italy.


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