Vol. 9 (2013): Fuori luogo. Cultural transfer, migrazioni, straniamenti

Le donne bangladesi a Roma: come si trasforma una comunità

Published February 17, 2014
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Bisio, N. (2014). Le donne bangladesi a Roma: come si trasforma una comunità. Storia Delle Donne, 9(1), 49-69. https://doi.org/10.13128/SDD-14068


This paper aims to deepen the analysis on women role in migration today observing the Bangladeshi community resident in Rome. This perspective wants to return Bangladeshi women a leading role as engine of evolution for their community and in the current process new citizenship’s creation. Often considered to be passive subjects of migration, the Bangladeshi woman are hurled into a completely new reality that indeed calls them, even more than men, to deal with different customs and categories of thought. Thanks to the experience of motherhood, Bangladeshi women are forced to leave the house and interact with institutions and Italian families in order to participate in the training of their children. A change that has important impact on Bangladeshi community resident in Italy, but also on the society of residence and that of belonging.


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