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Pauperismo e solidarietà femminile nell’Italia settentrionale (secoli XIII-XIV)

Published September 21, 2018
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Albini, G. (2018). Pauperismo e solidarietà femminile nell’Italia settentrionale (secoli XIII-XIV). Storia Delle Donne, 13(1), 103-126. https://doi.org/10.13128/SDD-23958


During the thirteenth century we can see a significant presence of women in productive realities. Instead, during the fourteenth century, characterized by famines, epidemics and profound transformations, the social role of women has progressively reduced. The economic conditions of the women became more and more precarious and shaped forms of growing dependence. The paper pays attention to the practices of protection and assistance, oriented to help women in trouble (alms, dowries, gifts, hospitals, etc.) and deals with practices of solidarity between woman and woman, that moved away from the formalized channels of assistance: daily acts of mutual help and foundation of female religious communities.


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