Vol. 15 No. 15 (2019): Donne in rivista
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«Onora la Madre». Riflessioni tra “ecologia” e “genere” a margine di una recente iniziativa scientifica

Cecilia Pedrazza Gorlero
Verona University (Department of Law)
Published June 17, 2020
  • ecology,
  • ancient Rome,
  • environmental question,
  • gender question,
  • ecofeminism
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Pedrazza Gorlero, C. (2020). «Onora la Madre». Riflessioni tra “ecologia” e “genere” a margine di una recente iniziativa scientifica. Storia Delle Donne, 15(15), 171-184. https://doi.org/10.13128/sd-9046


Is there an ancient “ecological awareness” and is it conceivable to refer to it as a legacy that feeds contemporary efforts to innovate in environmental protection? Following an interdisciplinary approach, an innovative research project (ERA - Ecology of Ancient Rome) –whose promising scientific perspectives emerged during the I Colloquium ERA: The ecological awareness in Ancient Rome: origin and evolution (Florence, November 6-7, 2019)– tries to analyse different historical orientations in environmental matters from ancient Rome to Modern Age. Starting from the project’s theme, this paper focuses on the relationship between “gender question” and “environmental question” as well as on the historical reading of the relationship between woman and nature, in order to highlight the limits of the approach to environmental culture still based on categories inspired by discriminatory models.