Studi Slavistici XVIII (2021) 2

A Strange Oath of Ivan III

Boris Andreevič Uspenskij
Higher School of Economics, Moscow

Published 2022-02-02


  • Ivan III,
  • Oaths,
  • Swearing,
  • Perjury,
  • Heresy of the Judaizers,
  • Russian Chronicles,
  • Anti-Behavior
  • ...More

How to Cite

Uspenskij, B. A. (2022). A Strange Oath of Ivan III. Studi Slavistici, 18(2), 23–32.


The article is devoted to a strange oath of Ivan III, the Grand Prince of all Rus’, in 1488, registered in some Russian chronicles. The oath is very unusual and sometimes is regarded as heretical. Some scholars even associate it with the heresy of the Judaizers. Was the oath really heretical? Why did Ivan III choose such provocative language? The author attempts to answer these and contiguous questions.


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