Studi Slavistici XIII • 2016

Восприятие национальных стереотипов в аксиологическом семантическом пространстве

Published 2017-03-18

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Нистратова, С., & Нистратов, А. (2017). Восприятие национальных стереотипов в аксиологическом семантическом пространстве. Studi Slavistici, 13(1), 167–192.


The paper analyzes ethnic stereotypes of modern Russians and Italians. The analysis is based on the projective technique for studying the perception of ethnic stereotypes in the axiological space. A specialized semantic differential was elaborated. The respondents were asked to estimate the significance of 30 values for ‘representatives’ of different countries. The results were obtained by applying the semantic differential. The method of the factor analysis was used to build the semantic spaces for Italian and Russian. The comparative analysis was conducted in terms of subjective semantic spaces. Two dendrograms were built as a result of this research. It has revealed certain similarities in the estimates of respondents belonging to different samples and some significant differences between them.


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