Studi Slavistici XIII • 2016

Quotations from <em>Ecclesiastes</em> in Church Slavonic texts

Published 2017-03-18

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Osinkina, L. V. (2017). Quotations from <em>Ecclesiastes</em> in Church Slavonic texts. Studi Slavistici, 13(1), 349–367.


The article deals with the quotations from Ecclesiastes in early translated texts and in original Old Rus’ literature. Quotations found in medieval Slavonic texts, both translated and original, appear to be independent of the translation of continuous Ecclesiastes known from manuscripts of around the 15th century; they do not give positive support for the existence of a complete translation before the 15th century. However, the quotations prove that parts of Ecclesiastes were known in some form of exegetical compilations.


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