Studi Slavistici XVII (2020) 1
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Penelope and Other Weavers in Contemporary Polish Poetry

Krystyna Jaworska

Published 2020-05-25


  • Deconstruction of Classical Myths,
  • Arachnology,
  • Polish Contemporary Female Poets,
  • Arachne,
  • Penelope

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Jaworska, K. (2020). Penelope and Other Weavers in Contemporary Polish Poetry. Studi Slavistici, 17(1), 135–153.


The paper deals with the deconstruction of classical mythology in Polish contemporary poetry by women. The author focuses on how Arachne’s and Penelope’s myths are used by poets belonging to different generations, taking into account the theoretical approach of gender studies and in particular Nancy Miller’s arachnology and its reception in Poland both by scholars and writers. Poems by Wisława Szymborska, Bogusława Latawiec, Anna Piwkowska and Izabela Filipiak are analysed from this point of view as well.


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