TECHNE: Special Series Vol. 2

Entomology and Information Technology

Federico Leoni
Department of Human Sciences, University of Verona, Italy
Published March 22, 2021
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Leoni, F. (2021). Entomology and Information Technology. TECHNE - Journal of Technology for Architecture and Environment, (2), 22-25.


At some point, philosophy started talking about insects. Insects became a recurrent conceptual character. Bergson writes beautiful pages about wasps (1907), Heidegger (1929) about bees, Henri Maldiney (1991) and Gilles Deleuze (1995) about ticks. 

Philosophy is a kind of laboratory. The output of that laboratory is concepts. And what is a concept? It is a concentrated experience, something that happens in the world summarized in an extremely economic form. A crystal of events. 

So, at some point, the activities of that laboratory change perspective. The main characters are no longer God, Being, Good and Evil, or not only and not always. We should ask what happened, what kind of transformation is going on. Not so much in philosophy, but in our world.  


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