TECHNE 23 (2022): Inside the Polycrisis. The Possible Necessary

The PNRR to regenerate Italian organisations in the ecological and digital transition

Federico Butera
Professore Emerito di Scienze dell’organizzazione, Università di Milano Bicocca e di Roma Sapienza

Published 2022-03-17


  • public administration,
  • urban economy,
  • change management,
  • community education pacts,
  • territorial pacts for work and climate

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Butera, F. (2022). The PNRR to regenerate Italian organisations in the ecological and digital transition. TECHNE - Journal of Technology for Architecture and Environment, (23), 26–34.


The paper puts the “Italian organisational issue” under observation with reference to the processes
of eco-social transition, highlighting three priority areas of intervention: a radical transformation of
the economic system, with the adoption of evolved organizational models of production,
technologies and labour (private and third sector); the reconfiguration of cities and the relaunching
of the urban economy in relation to new lifestyles and work styles (ubiquitous work, mixité, urban
parks of culture and intangible services) reforms and reorganisation of public apparatuses for
training (universities, schools and community education pacts), for justice, for health and for the
planning and management of territorial development (territorial pacts between institutions and
businesses for work and climate). With a structural and wide-ranging change management
programme of the regional and local administration, marked by all-government-approach principles
and performing community models aimed at an effective implementation of the objectives and
commitments undertaken.


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