TECHNE 3 (2012): Increasing the value of public building assets
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Small steps to emerge from the tunnel

TECHNE 3 (2012): Increasing the value of public building assets

Published 2012-04-30


  • Planning,
  • Town planning regulations,
  • Urban redevelopment

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Vianello, D. (2012). Small steps to emerge from the tunnel. TECHNE - Journal of Technology for Architecture and Environment, 3(1), 45–54.


Based on the experience and activities of the National Centre for Town Planning Studies of the National Council of Engineers (CNI), and AUDIS, the Disused Urban Areas Association, the author proposes some suggestions to emerge – with small steps – from the tunnel of the crisis.
First of all, do what is necessary. Simplify the planning regulations and procedures. Measures to take in the short term and at no cost: town planning reform, taking up the Lupi-Mantini proposals previously discussed and shared in the last legislation by Commission VIII of the Chamber on the Territory and Environment; a new law on the landholding system, the proposal developed by CNA (National Confederation of Artisans and Small and Medium Enterprises), CNI, ANCE (Italian National Association of Construction Companies) and Tecnoborsa.
Secondly, do what is useful: quality and innovation in urban redevelopment projects. The AUDIS Charter on urban regeneration; the Quality Protocol for Roma Capitale.
Thirdly, something extra: targeted projects for start-ups. Social Housing. The city to be scrapped. The renewal of residential assets. The divestment of state-owned properties. The reuse of obsolete industrial buildings.