TECHNE 4 (2012): Social housing
Research and Experimentation

Private university accommodation: developmentscenarios and critical success factors

TECHNE 4 (2012): Social housing

Published 2012-10-28


  • Student residences,
  • private property investment,
  • construction and management,
  • facility management

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Ciaramella, A., & Del Gatto, M. (2012). Private university accommodation: developmentscenarios and critical success factors. TECHNE - Journal of Technology for Architecture and Environment, (4), 271–279.


The number of students looking for accommodation away from home is increasing significantly. Many countries have demonstrated their ability in responding to this demand with university accommodation initiatives. Italy has taken action a little late and with some discrepancies, on the one hand trying to attract foreign students while on the other neglecting the provision of services and hospitality. This study investigates the elements that contribute to determining the feasibility and economic/financial balance of private investment in the university accommodation sector, illustrating the possible development scenarios in our country and considering previous experience, through the identification of some critical success factors.


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