TECHNE 10 (2015): Urban regeneration
Research and Experimentation

Towards the eco-quarters for the Pescara urban regeneration

TECHNE 10 (2015): Urban regeneration

Published 2015-11-16


  • Functional requalification,
  • Environmental requalification,
  • Building transformation,
  • Sharing

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Radogna, D. (2015). Towards the eco-quarters for the Pescara urban regeneration. TECHNE - Journal of Technology for Architecture and Environment, (10), 161–168.


The subject of the experimentation is the definition of some strategies for an efficient, responsible and sustainable building requalification, in the conversion of the public housing settlements of Pescara in eco-quarters, according to the aim of supplying a contribution to the local administration for the urban regeneration policies. Considering the high pollution indicators, the study aspires to an environmentally, economically and socially suitable cohabitation of the territorial and climatic and built elements. So we propose some requalification hypothesis, for an enhancement of the housing supply in a new urban mould with a positive environmental balance and able to cheer the considered context cultural and social conditions up. 


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